6 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Suspension Repairs

For comfortable, smooth, and safe driving, you're going to need functional suspension parts. To be specific, your springs, shocks, and struts play a major role in absorbing the impact of bumps in the road. If any of your suspension components, you're going to notice a difference in how your vehicle drives.

Below are some symptoms that indicate you need suspension repairs:


Drifting during your turns is a cause for concern. If you experience trouble maneuvering your vehicle, your suspension could very well be the culprit. 

Bouncy or Bumpy Drive

If hitting minor bumps in the road, or even speed bumps, causes continuous springing, it is a major sign that your suspension is in trouble. Your shocks and struts are supposed to tame the effects of this.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your car's tires may have trouble properly making contact with the road with faulty suspension parts. Therefore, you may notice uneven tire wear and bald spots.


If you notice your car lunging forward whenever you come to a stop, it's an evident sign that your suspension parts are worn.

Fluid Leak Near Suspension

You can physically inspect the shocks yourself to check on their condition. If you notice a greasy substance leaking around the areas, you most likely need to replace your suspension.


Neglecting suspension repairs may be tempting, but the problems can worsen over time. It can put you at risk of an accident if you let it go too long. For quality suspension repairs in Walnut Creek, CA, we invite you to Prestige Autohaus. Our trusted auto repair shop proudly specializes in German and Italian vehicles.