Common Vehicle Sounds that Indicate Trouble

Never ignore car sounds, these signify that there's a problem. Ignoring them does not help as sooner or later something out of the usual and perhaps dangerous may happen. We have summed up 4 of the most common car sounds to keep a lookout for.

  • Squealing when being started
  • Rattling when driving over speed bumps
  • Squealing when moving the steering wheel
  • Squealing when stepping on brake pedals

Squealing When Being Started

This sound could possibly mean that the serpentine belt is failing or almost completely useless. This long rubber belt may be located attached to the crankshaft or AC compressor, alternator, power steering as well as other pumps. This however depends on your vehicle's model. The most common reason your serpentine belt could be making unwanted noises is basically due to wear and tear form being used.

Failing to deal with it sooner could leave you with a broken AC and potentially stranded one day.

Rattling When Driving Over Speed Bumps

Your car's suspension system can rattle if you happen to have bad bushings. What are bushings? These are rubber items within the suspension system of your vehicle which cushion its different parts, prevent any vibrations as well as prevent friction. These can become brittle and break due to wear and tear.

Squealing When Moving the Steering Wheel

Older vehicle models have power steering systems and the newer ones have electric power steering. Power steering operates with fluids. When this fluid begins to run low or when the pump starts failing, air gets into the lines and this in turn causes weird unwanted sounds. If ever your vehicle begins making noises when turning or if it becomes more difficult to turn, check your power steering fluid levels as it could mean it's low. It could also mean a leak of this fluid.

Squealing When Stepping on Brake Pedals

Higher pitched brake pedal noises are often caused by wear indicators within your brake pedals. This often means that you only need to replace just the brake pedals themselves. Other sounds such as lower scrapping sounds could mean serious wearing of your pads.

Act quickly upon any and every car sound as these are initial indicators of trouble. If you need a vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Prestige Autohaus today!