How To Successfully Buy a Used Car

From this title, you may be confused about what we mean when saying, "successfully" buying a used car. The reality is that buying a used car can be risky, and it can come with a lot of headaches if you're not careful. When you're looking to buy a used car, especially from a private seller, there are certain things you should do beforehand to solidify your decision.

  1. Do Your Research - You may find a vehicle that fits below your price range with better mileage or quality than you ever expected. Sometimes, all of it can seem too good to be true, and you don't want to get scammed. So please remember to research the seller, the specific make and model, and compare prices before replying to the listing.
  2. Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection - You've reached out to the seller, and you go to look at the car yourself. Unless you're a professional mechanic, it may be hard to tell the true condition of the vehicle's parts. We offer pre-purchase inspections at Prestige Autohaus, which will give you a better understanding of the car's true condition. We'll check the car bumper-to-bumper, and we'll even take it out for a test run. If we find anything unusual, we'll let you know along with estimates for services it may need in the near future. This service is 100% worth it if you want to know if the car is worth the buy.
  3. Pull an Accident Report - You can request a report from CarFax or a similar company using the vehicle’s VIN number to see whether the vehicle has been through any minor/major accidents. 

With all the above resources, you can have more confidence in buying a used vehicle. If you are looking for honest pre-purchase inspections in Walnut Creek, CA, look no further than Prestige Autohaus.