Should You Adjust Your Headlights?

Even though we use them on a regular basis, vehicle lights are some of the most overlooked car components. For the safety of you and others, it is your responsibility to keep your headlights in check. Your car lights should be clean, lit, and aimed properly. Read on to learn more about how to better care for your vehicle’s lighting.

Testing the Headlights

We recommend testing and checking to see if your car lights work every several months. These lights should include your reverse, side and tail, stop, and fog lights. Your headlights are especially important. You can do a simple walk around. However, if you want to be extra precise, you can use a test bulb kit. 


Once you’ve checked off every single light, you’ll need to assess your headlights’ aim. The best way to determine whether your headlights need realignment is to judge others’ reactions to your car. Or, you can ask for a friend to help. All in all, if you can’t clearly see the road ahead of you, it is time for a headlight readjustment. 

Adjusting the Headlights

Once you have concluded that you need to re-aim your headlights, please bring your car, SUV, or truck to a trusted auto mechanic. At Prestige Autohaus, we can help you adjust your headlights and assist you with all other lighting repairs. We welcome you to our Walnut Creek auto repair shop today.