The Importance of Brake Fluid: Maintenance, Flushing, and Replacement

The Importance of Brake Fluid: Maintenance, Flushing, and Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA | Prestige Autohaus

Many car owners know that they should check their brakes. Fewer know how important brake fluid is to the performance of their braking system and their safety. Therefore, flushing and replacing brake fluid when necessary is a crucial aspect of car maintenance. The following are signs you need to flush or replace your brake fluid:

Bouncy or Spongy Brake Pedal

When you have fresh brake fluid, you should be able to evenly press the brake pedal to the floor. If it feels soft or bouncy, it may be a sign that you need new brake fluid.

Low brake fluid causes air gaps in the brake line hence the spongy brake pedal. If you have to pump the brakes several times to stop the car before it stops, replace your brake fluid.

Poor Braking Performance

A vehicle's brakes should be fast and responsive, which helps you avoid accidents. If the brakes are slow and unresponsive, it is often a sign to get the brakes checked and probably flush the braking fluid.

There could be other causes of the problem, like worn-out brake pedals, worn tire treads, or issues with the braking system. However, flush your braking fluid first to be sure.

Weird Noises and Smells When Braking

Your vehicle should not produce any sounds when braking other than emergency braking. If you hear scraping or grinding noises when braking, you should check your brake fluid.

Burning smells or foul odors when braking could mean that your brake fluid is burning. Driving with burning brake fluid leads to severe issues.

You should check your brake fluid every week and replace it if you see the levels are low. Otherwise, see a professional mechanic.

If you need brake fluid services, bring your vehicle to Prestige Autohaus in Walnut Creek, CA, today. Our team can assist you with all your braking needs.