What Does the Modern Tune-Up Involve?

Tune Up in Walnut Creek, CA | Prestige Autohaus

When you hear the term "tune-up," what comes to mind? For many car enthusiasts, it may evoke images of the past—a time when mechanics would tinker under the hood, adjusting carburetors and such. However, the concept of a tune-up has evolved significantly. If you're wondering what a tune-up means in the modern era, keep on reading.

With advancements in technology and the complexity of modern vehicles, the tune-up now encompasses a broader range of services designed to optimize your vehicle's performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability.

Let's delve into what a tune-up entails:

  • Diagnostic Inspection: A thorough diagnostic inspection serves as the foundation of a modern tune-up. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to assess your vehicle's systems and identify any underlying issues. This includes scanning the onboard computer for error codes and conducting a comprehensive visual inspection of various components.
  • Performance Enhancements: A tune-up may include fine-tuning the engine's air-fuel mixture (for example, adjusting ignition timing and optimizing electronic system) to improve power delivery.
  • Fuel System Cleaning: Over time, sediments can accumulate within your vehicle's fuel system, affecting fuel delivery and combustion efficiency. A modern tune-up may often include a thorough fuel system cleaning to remove these deposits.
  • Spark Plug Replacement: While spark plug replacement was a traditional tune-up staple, it remains an essential part of today's tune-up. 
  • Ignition System Care: A tune-up involves inspecting and maintaining various ignition system components, including ignition coils, distributor caps, ignition wires, and the ignition control module. 
  • Air Filter Replacement: Clean air is a must for optimal engine performance and longevity. Technicians will assess the condition of your vehicle's air filter and replace it if necessary.
  • Other Basic Checks: Depending on your vehicle's make and model, a tune-up may also include additional inspecting and adjusting the throttle body, cleaning the mass airflow sensor, checking and adjusting the timing belt or chain, and other vital components.

At Prestige Autohaus in Walnut Creek, our team specializes in modern tune-ups tailored to meet the specific needs of your vehicle. Please give us a call or visit soon!