What Happens if You Don't Change Your Vehicle's Brake Pads?

You use your brakes when you take your car out of the driveway. Without brake pads, your car would be unable to slow down, making it impossible to control, inevitably leading to an accident. Generally, it is vital to check your brake pad lining thickness regularly and replace them if they seem worn out or function less effectively.
There is no set time to replace your brakes as usage varies from time to time, and the brake-lining materials will vary. The best thing to do is check your brake lining every time your car is in the shop just to be sure.

How to Tell if your Brake Lining is Worn Out

Less Efficient

Your brake lining is probably getting worn out if your vehicle's braking distance keeps getting longer. You may notice that it takes time for your car to come to a complete stop which can lead to road accidents.

Noises When Braking

Another way to tell your brake pads are worn out is by listening to any sounds your car makes when you apply them. They need to be replaced urgently if you hear a sharp squealing or scraping noise. Brake pads typically have small metal hairs at the very bottom of the lining to let the driver know that a brake pad change is due.

Visual Confirmation

Visual confirmation is also possible. Worn-out brake pads will look thinned out and barely there. Some drivers may not know where the brake pads are, which is not a problem; just let your trusted mechanic do the visual confirmation for you.

How to Get Your Brake Pads to Last Longer

If you would like your brake pads to last longer, you can try and keep your car light. Avoid loading your car with heavy things regularly. You can also try and avoid using the brakes excessively, especially when going downhill.
Invest in keeping your loved ones safe by getting regular brake pad changes and inspections by your trusted auto repair shop. For reliable brake repair services, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Prestige Autohaus as soon as possible.