What to Know About Potholes and Wheel Alignments

Potholes are road imperfections that are generally unavoidable. With construction season in full swing, you may have one or more creep up on you on your daily drive. Unfortunately, far too many drivers have been impacted by poor handling of driving over potholes. If you aren’t careful, you may need to make a trip to an auto repair shop sooner than later.


We’ve all been there – driving over a pothole at full speed and feeling the jolt hit your car. The bigger the pothole, the bigger the implications. This feeling might catch you by surprise, but it can also signify damage to your vehicle’s suspension and alignment. 


Your vehicle’s wheels need to be properly aligned to evenly distribute power to all its wheels. If your wheels are knocked out of alignment from a pothole, you may notice the following symptoms after:

  • Rough ride
  • Car pulls left or right
  • Car drifts 
  • Shaky steering wheel 
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Unusual sounds from wheels or suspension

As you can see, the safety and handling of your vehicle can be compromised if your car has suffered from pothole damage. If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s alignment, it is always best to have it checked out just in case. Leaving misaligned wheels alone for too long can cost you a new set of tires. More importantly, it can put you in danger. 


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